Finding the Perfect PNW Post-Event Brew

Finding the Perfect PNW Post-Event Brew

Our pace had slowed to a sun-beaten crawl, and the shade that seemed to cover the trail kept hopelessly receding. The final climb of our rim-to-rim-to-rim adventure was easily one of the hardest things I’ve pushed through and I couldn’t help but let my thoughts turn to refreshment at the top: chips and salsa and… beer. Ice cold, hoppy beer. Luckily my trail mate of the the day, Nancy, confessed similar fantasies. We soon clinked over-priced pints in our sweaty shorts at one of the Grand Canyon’s less fancy establishments to applaud our adventure. While not to be relied on for rehydration and recovery, there’s no denying the satisfaction of a post-run beer. The hoppy beverage is delicious and thirst quenching, and sharing a can or pint with fellow adventurers brings celebration to a day well spent on the trail.

I know I am not alone in my post workout indulgences. The devotion to a celebratory beer unites outdoor athletes of all breeds. I am not sure mountain biking would really ever have been a thing without it. Cyclists in the Tour de France traditionally toast one another on the final stage around the Arc d’ Triumph (ok, maybe that’s champagne), and we runners have a well-established history of pairing our favorite pastime with beer.

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Issue: 2018 Fall

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