7 Tips to Develop Habits for the Long Run

I’m currently sitting in my apartment scribbling notes, looking at my bookshelf, reading saved articles, and trying to come up with a topic and cobble together the required word count for this column. If I had developed a better habit for writing, something I’ve tried to commit to numerous times over the past few decades, I wouldn’t be struggling for a topic today. If I had developed the writing habit I desired I’d be able to craft something of worth with less frustration. If I had developed the habit I might even have numerous articles already written from which I could choose. Instead I struggle and procrastinate.

Now I have a topic.

How can we succeed in the coming year with our intentions, objectives, and specific endeavors? Better yet, how can we make changes that will improve our lives over the long term?

Typically our intentions and goals fall into specific areas of our lives. One area tends to be physical such as losing weight, gaining muscle, running a marathon, trying a 5K, or tackling our first triathlon despite our fear of open water swimming. Then we have objectives with work or finances, maybe getting that promotion or raise, or leaving the vitality-sucking rat race for a vocation more fulfilling. Relationships are important and our resolves are often to be a better husband, wife, parent, friend, or perhaps for us introverts, to do the seemingly simple, but often paralyzingly difficult, task of showing up for the company gathering or local Saturday run.

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Paul Lieto
Paul Lieto

Paul is co-founder of Downshift Adventures and Editor at RaceCenter Magazine.