A Little Yoga for Big Benefits

A Little Yoga for Big Benefits

I know, it feels like a chore, it feels silly, it feels awkward and kinda pointless. You’re not spiritual, you’re not flexible, you’re not a hippy. You don’t know what all those Sanskrit words mean. You’re already strong, you’re already disciplined. Plus, you’re very, very tired.

I’d like to convince you that yoga deserves a place in your life.

Let’s start with ten minutes. Instead of squeezing in an extra mile on your run, or sticking one more hill repeat onto your cycling workout, or rushing to check emails you missed on your hike, force yourself to take ten minutes to stop, breathe and just be. A short, gentle yoga routine can help not only with mobility, but, executed properly, can build specific strength, teach balance, improve circulation and raise your mental game. You don’t even need a mat for a few simple poses.

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Issue: 2020 Event Guide

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