The Importance Of Accountability For Success

The Importance Of Accountability For Success

It has taken years for my stubborn mentality to recognize the following: a plan without some form of consistent accountability is wasteful. This past January, I completed my first 50K trail race. For three years I attempted to complete an ultra but injury, self-sabotage, and fear had kept me from getting to the start line.

This adventure goal of a 50K trail race had been on my agenda since 2015. I label it an adventure goal because it wasn’t tied to a specific race, rather the desire to move through nature for a distance I had yet to attempt. Unfortunately, for most of that time I’d been burdened with a plantar fasciitis issue in my left foot, one that flares up as I add volume to my weekly mileage. Despite the foot issue, I had signed up for two previous ultras – the Rut 50K in 2016 and The North Face 50K in 2017. I ramped up mileage for many months leading into those races. As a result, the plantar fasciitis would flare up to the point where I couldn’t walk between runs. I would then convince myself, perhaps rightfully so, that I was doing more harm than good and throw in the towel. I didn’t make it to either of those events.

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Issue: Spring/Summer 2018

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