Craft a Year Full of Adventure and New Challenges

Craft a Year Full of Adventure and New Challenges

I believe I am meant to run through mountains, ride across desert dirt roads, immerse myself in the sea, explore less traveled paths, and actively engage in Nature. While on that journey maybe I can put a few sentences together that move others to pursue something similar, or better yet, to discover for themselves what they’re meant to be.

I’m confident each of us is born with a desire to explore and be adventurous. It’s in our DNA. We may not all aspire to scale El Capitan, summit Everest, ride across America, or do something that’ll get us on the cover of a magazine, but this doesn’t mean our personal yearnings for exploration aren’t worthy pursuits. What is important is not to let the itch to do something pass without a scratch or two. We must do before the doing can no longer be done.

“Someday. One of these years. When I have more time.”

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This is a print article written for RaceCenter magazine.
Issue: 2019 Event Guide

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