athletes need yoga

Why Endurance Athletes Need Yoga

As a devoted and enthusiastic endurance athlete, I find great value in adding a yoga practice to my training, and hope to help others discover the benefits for themselves. With the type-A, all or nothing attitudes often innate in many…

The Dirty Good 5 / 2 Theory

The Dirty Good 5 / 2 Theory

Paul and I have what we call our, “5 / 2” theory. It’s kind of like the “80%” rule most diet plans profess, or the endurance training principle of making hard days hard and easy days easy, or even the “work hard, play hard” mantra.

Being Better

Be The Best At Being Better

I was preparing an alternative piece for this week. You were going to be reading yet another essay documenting my own progressive journey toward living — better.

Rule Of Depression

The First Rule Of Depression

The first rule of depression is we don’t talk about depression. The second rule of depression is we don’t talk about depression. I’m a rule follower. I don’t make waves. I internalize my feelings — but only after denying them. I…

Are You Enjoying Life?

Are You Enjoying Life?

This question was posed to me not long ago. A simple straightforward question, all of four words. Yet, the question is unduly complex for there are multiple factors that contribute to an honest answer. Before I embarked on this current…

Depression Basics: 7 Signs

One purpose of this site is to educate and de-stigmatize depression and mental illness, not only for you the reader, but for myself. It may sound cliche, but Knowledge is Power.