There Are Two Paths To Mastery

There Are Two Paths To Mastery

I’m not a “foodie”, but I immensely enjoy films about craft. I seek out films, such as this, that delve into the processes of people who excel at their trade.

Reasons and Seasons

One thing these last few months traveling have reinforced is my gratitude for perfectly timed personal connections.

Food Fight

When I was small I wanted to be a baker. I told my mother that I was never having children because I wanted to always be the one to lick the spoon clean after mixing brownie batter.

Chase No One.

Chase No One.

Chase No One. Lead your own life. Comparison is a double-edged sword. It is a healthy metric for self improvement but unhealthy if our self worth is attached to how we compare to others or our past selves.

Run From What's Comfortable

Run From What’s Comfortable

What is comfortable? That is a question to be answered differently by each of us. My comfort became routine. The daily habits of rising from bed, obtaining my coffee, working, training, becoming fatigued by midday...